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We’ve arrived and Seoul I had missed you

Posted by on July 9, 2013

We arrived (a bit late) yesterday late afternoon. The weather was pretty windy and rainy and by the time we checked in to the hotel, we were just tired (still are). I’ll write another post about our trip here, some thoughts about how Kai is handling this trip (he’s struggling a little more with time and knowing family dynamics are changing but all good and expected/understandable stuff:-), and our first couple days here. I’ll also outline what we expect the next few days itinerary to be and post about our amazing hotel room. For now, I just want to let everyone know we are here, things are going well, and how much we really missed Seoul. There is of course one most important reason we are so happy to be here, but I also want to say how wonderful it is to walk about this town and interact with people. Here is a fun video that gives a glimpse into what I mean. In particular, there is a small part about how people think about helping strangers and the personalities of both of the people in the video is just plan fun.

With love,
Gandalf, Christina and Kai

2 Responses to We’ve arrived and Seoul I had missed you

  1. Roy Sollenberger

    Very nice!

  2. Becky Stump

    I’m glad you got there safely! I’m sure it will be a wonderful trip.

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