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Family Day

Posted by on July 11, 2013

Gotcha! Just a quick note to let everyone know we had our family day. It was filled with everything we’d expect including happy, sad, grieving, comfort, bonding, fun, vomit, small nap, more fun, bonked heads, kissing, food, play, out cold asleep by 6:15pm. That’s early so who knows what the night brings. I’ll write a more detailed account of the day later but for now we are just going to relax as a family.

We did get our visa and passport today along with a few other families and had a nice lunch while waiting compliments of DJ (thank you). So we can leave anytime but I don’t think we will be leaving early because all flights are booked between now and then.

More later…

7 Responses to Family Day

  1. gandalf

    Well, I was too quick to say “out cold”. He is up again. Must’ve been the interrupted nap catching up with him.

  2. Nancy Amirzafari

    That’s great!!! ( not the vomit part). Congratulations!!!!!!

  3. Patti Pawling

    You listed 14 events and none of them were “biting” so progress is being made already! Love to all!

    • gandalf

      There was definitely some biting attempts at the time of this post and I was bit three times myself but it’s slowed today. I need to sit down and write about last night because it was hard, sad and beautiful.

  4. Tonianne Berger

    Happy Family Day! Congratulations. Thank you for sharing the amazing journey

  5. Colin & Kaitlyn

    We are anxious and can’t wait to meet ou new friend! Mugsy too!

  6. Jim & Teresa

    Happy Family Day! XOXO

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