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Photo Update

It’s been far too long but I wanted to share a few pics.        

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Wonderful Sleep Milestone

For a couple weeks, Keegan has been showing interest in his Thomas the Train bed. Most times it’s been a fun play thing but recently when I lay down with Kai in his McQueen bed and read books, he will get in his bed, pull the covers up and be all smiles:-) But if we … Continue reading »

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Overdue update

So much going on it was all too easy to not post because it took time I just didn’t have and now it’s overwhelming to get started again because there is so much to tell. So instead I’ll just start posting a few photos here and there and occasionally do some writing. To summarize though … Continue reading »

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First few days of being a family of four

I am sorry I haven’t written an update since the early evening of day 1 as a family. Shortly after our last update (which mentioned both kids were sound asleep nice and early), Keegan awoke and we had some very difficult grieving begin. This lasted through the night but diminished with every hour. I haven’t … Continue reading »

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Family Day

Gotcha! Just a quick note to let everyone know we had our family day. It was filled with everything we’d expect including happy, sad, grieving, comfort, bonding, fun, vomit, small nap, more fun, bonked heads, kissing, food, play, out cold asleep by 6:15pm. That’s early so who knows what the night brings. I’ll write a … Continue reading »

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Our Basic Itinerary

We are scheduled to return home on July 17th and currently that is still our plan. However, depending on when the visa is ready and how well the first couple of days go with our transition, we may return early. And if we do, it will then depend on how well the airline cooperates in … Continue reading »

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Visiting with Keegan’s foster family at their home

Today (Wednesday, July 10th) was a long, wonderful day. Kai awoke at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. My wonderful wife got up and stayed up with him to let me get a couple more hours (I only had about 3 at that point). I just couldn’t get to bed. I was up watching … Continue reading »

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We’ve arrived and Seoul I had missed you

We arrived (a bit late) yesterday late afternoon. The weather was pretty windy and rainy and by the time we checked in to the hotel, we were just tired (still are). I’ll write another post about our trip here, some thoughts about how Kai is handling this trip (he’s struggling a little more with time … Continue reading »

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2nd Travel Call – Keegan, we are coming!

We got our 2nd travel call – Keegan, we are coming! Still working out hotel details but airline is booked!

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2nd Visit – Another Perspective

Our new, dear friends have shared their post about the 2nd playdate we had with our children. It was really heartwarming for me to hear her experience because it was like hearing the same great story told from the perspective of another character. Reading about how Owen’s cautious nature with the water fountain and how … Continue reading »

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