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Monthly Archives: June 2013

2nd Travel Call – Keegan, we are coming!

We got our 2nd travel call – Keegan, we are coming! Still working out hotel details but airline is booked!

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2nd Visit – Another Perspective

Our new, dear friends have shared their post about the 2nd playdate we had with our children. It was really heartwarming for me to hear her experience because it was like hearing the same great story told from the perspective of another character. Reading about how Owen’s cautious nature with the water fountain and how … Continue reading »

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Leaving Seoul for now

I am so sad to be leaving without our son Keegan. However it will only be a couple weeks before we can return again and have him forever! I am going to keep this post short (mostly because the van is coming to pick us up soon). I just want to say two very important … Continue reading »

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Wedding Ducks, happiness name scrolls and more

There was so much more to write (about how we together shopped for some important things like wedding ducks for our sons weddings some day, happiness name scrolls picked out by Kai for his brother with Keegan’s korean and american names, happiness name scrolls picked out by Kai with both Keegan’s and Kai’s names along … Continue reading »

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Lotte World instead of Everland

Lotte World! We awoke this morning with a mission to visit Everland which is kind of like Korean Disneyworld. It has 3 parks: amusement, safari and water. And they all seem awesome! However, we got a bit of a late start and a very helpful man we met while buying tickets for the subway helped … Continue reading »

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Family Court – with Details – 6/19

Okay, family court turned out to be really great! I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was so worried, but it was really, really great. We woke early, had breakfast, played some games and then headed over to Holt early. Because we were supposed to be there by 2pm, I didn’t want to take … Continue reading »

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Family Court – teaser

I’m very short on time because it’s our last day here and we are heading out to do something special, but I wanted to let everyone know that we had our day in court yesterday and it went very well. The judge was kind and caring asking thoughtful questions, engaging with Kai and DJ was … Continue reading »

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City Tour, Lunch, Shopping, Dinner on Tuesday

We had a nice guided tour of the city today in the rain. Our tour guide was a junior student studying business/marketing abroad in Iowa. This was just the second tour he’s given and did very well. We learned lots of things about one of the palace’s, helped me get new shoelaces for my dress … Continue reading »

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Nice stroll and dinner after visit with foster mother on Monday

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Visit with Kai’s foster mother

We had a very nice visit with Kai’s foster mother. She was very glad to see him and brought some gifts for him too including a very nice hanbok in Kai’s size.

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